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When deciding about drinking water for yourself, your family, or your office, your well-being and those of your loved ones or employees matter most.


You want peace of mind that the water you drink is pure, clean, and safe!


Our filtration technology removes contaminants like PFOA/S, Lead, Bacteria & more.


Let Aqua Chill help solve your drinking water needs.

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and Services

Aqua Chill New Jersey offers a range of filters and cooler systems
for every kind of water need.

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Water Filtration Systems

The CDC recommends Reverse Osmosis to remove all contaminants & impurities from tap water.

Reverse Osmosis Filter

Bottleless Water Coolers

Our Bottleless water coolers are connected to a Reverse Osmosis Filter, so you will never run out of water.


Free Water Testing

Don’t let another day pass by. Aqua Chill provides FREE Water testing by our Water Experts Team.

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Plans & Pricing

For as low as $1 per day, you can rent our complete Reverse Osmosis drinking system. Are you looking to buy? Plans start at $599

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Dedicated Service

When you rent, your service is FREE! A service plan is available for $195 annually when you purchase from Aqua Chill New Jersey.

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Free Installation

No worries, we’ve got your back! Installation is free when you rent or buy! Call Matt or Email; We will contact you shortly.

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Whole House
Water Filtration

Aqua Chill softener systems are perfect for getting rid of unpleasant odors and rust discoloration
while providing an upgrade to the water in your home and peace of mind thanks to its cutting-edge features.

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Genesis Select 1″

The Genesis Select 1 Water Softener uses ion exchange to filter out hard minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron.

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Genesis 2 Premier

Get the only 1.25″ upflow water softener available for high flow with Genesis 2 Premier High Efficiency Water Softener.

Get the only 1.25" upflow water softener available for high flow with Our exclusive Genesis 2 Premier Upflow High Efficiency Water Softener.

Fleck 9100 SXT

Get the perfect Water softener for your family with the Fleck 9100 SXT. This system can improve the quality of water.

Get the perfect Water softener for your family with the Fleck 9100 SXT. This system can remove calcium and magnesium, improving the quality of water.
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Aqua Chill New Jersey

Office Water Solution

Convenient water cooler and delivery solutions customized for how your business hydrates. It’s easy to bring fresh, better-tasting water to your office, break room, or satellite locations with our simple, efficient drinking water solutions. Large or small, we’re your water resource.

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Drinking Water
Purification Systems

The drinking water in your home might not meet your standards even though it meets local standards. The fact is, regular tap water can have metals dissolved in it, like lead and iron. Also, it could contain nitrates, chlorine, and mineral salts. Furthermore, your tap water could have other harmful materials such as sulfates, mercury, asbestos, and arsenic, as well as PFOA and PFOS. The good news is that you can have cleaner and more transparent drinking water with an Aqua Chill water purification system.

This system produces water that is ideal for :

    • Brewing a pot of coffee or tea.
    • Cooking dinner for the family.
    • Making ice cubes for cold drinks.
    • Preparing baby formula.
    • Mixing concentrated juice.
    • Watering house plants.
    • Using a steam iron to remove wrinkles from clothes.

Aqua Chill has several water filter systems available. RO drinking water system uses a process where water is forced through multiple filters to remove dissolved solids. These systems can improve your water quality and eliminate bad tastes and smells while not reducing the pressure from your faucet.

Would you like a convenient and less costly way to drink water than buying bottled water? Aqua Chill has the perfect solution- a drinking water cooler system! Not only will it pay for itself over time, but you’ll notice a difference in your daily life. 

Let our Aqua Chill team help you find the filtration system that best suits your needs.

Why Choose
Aqua Chill New Jersey?

For over 15 years, we’ve been helping your neighbors, friends, and the family enjoys worry-free clean drinking water.

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Never Run Out of Bottle Quality Water At Home For As Little As $1 A Day.

Bottle-less Drinking Water Systems For Home & Office

Hook Up Your Fridge And Get Purified Ice & Water with our RO water Filter & Coolers

Bottle-less Drinking Water Systems For Home & Office

No More Heavy Lifting And Spilling, Stop Wasting Space To Store Those 42lb Bottles.

Bottle-less Drinking Water Systems For Home & Office

Celebrating 15 Years

Of Service, Innovation and Expertise

We’re proud to be a leading service provider and a trusted source in
New Jersey for safe, clean drinking water.

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How to Choose

Premium Water Filters & Coolers

Hard water can cause a variety of problems around your home. Find out how Aqua Chill New Jersery water filters & coolers can help solve them.

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Aqua Chill New Jersey
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Hala Assile
Hala Assile
13:50 08 Oct 21
The quality of the filtration system is great! The water tastes delicious and good for you at the same time. Above all... the customer service is unparalleled. I can always reach Matt if I need more
13:47 03 Jun 21
I've been using Aqua Chill for over 10 years. Matt, the owner, is a great guy. The filters are always changed on a... schedule. The water tastes great. The few times we have inquired about an issue, it is handled right away. Definitely recommend!read more
Nadja Meo
Nadja Meo
14:27 01 Jun 21
I have been using Aqua Chill for years. The water tastes great! The service is impeccable. No need to worry about... "is it time for a filter change?" They do it for you. I would highly recommend this more
Barbara Hartman
Barbara Hartman
13:31 01 Jun 21
We have used Aqua Chill now for several years in multiple office locations.No more lifting or storing heavy water... bottles, always have fresh cold or hot water ready! Matt Gilmore provides excellent service on installs and routine maintenance. One less thing to worry about when running a busy office. Barbararead more
Marina Shtemberg
Marina Shtemberg
23:43 31 May 21
I use Aqua Chill for my business for a few years now and very pleased with the water filtering system. The water... tastes great and we never have problems with the equipment. Would highly recommend Aqua Chill!read more
Lela Marie Callaremi
Lela Marie Callaremi
00:33 31 May 21
Our family feels very confident with the safe pure water that Aqua Chill reverse osmosis system offers. Matt and his... staff provide a safe and reliable service that we can with confidence recommend to others! Rest assured you will be in good hands with Matt and his staff of clean, safe and truly caring workers!read more
19:04 30 May 21
Matt has been servicing my fitness studio for over 2 years and was recommended by a client who also uses him. The... water is always clean, cool and great tasting. A pleasure to work with!read more
15:28 30 May 21
One of the first things we did when we moved into our new home was contact Matthew Gilmore to install an Aqua Chill... water filtration system. Our experience in the past with his equipment, water quality and service was extremely positive. Matthew found the perfect spot for the system and we continue to be satisfied customers. We installed a system in our business as well that included distilled more
Reggie Tyler
Reggie Tyler
19:59 09 Apr 21
I own a small fitness studio called Ab-Salute Fitness. I was tired of switching those big jugs and storing them until... pickup. Until I found Aqua Chill, it was a lot easier to have them install a water filter at my sink and my clients love the taste of the water. I’ve used Aqua-Chill for a few years now and for the price of unlimited filter water it’s worth it. High power H2Oread more
Andrea Serafino
Andrea Serafino
20:35 06 Apr 21
Aqua Chill has been servicing several of my company's NJ-based locations for a few years now and we have always been... extremely satisfied with the products and services offered. Matt is fantastic - he's always been extremely responsive and appointments are made quickly after reaching out to him. He also takes the time to assess your needs and show you exactly what your products do. He even goes above and beyond by showing you how to maintain the equipment and will even test the water levels of filtered vs nonfiltered water right in front of you so that you can have peace of mind about the water you're drinking. Great customer service, excellent prices, and quality equipment - Aqua Chill is the way to go for any size office!read more
Susan Auriemma
Susan Auriemma
16:20 15 Mar 21
Our office is very pleased with the water filtering system that Aqua Chill installed years ago. The water tastes great... and we have had no problems with the equipment. Matthew Gilmore the owner of the company personally installed and maintains the equipment to ensure everything is working well. Online monthly billing is easy and efficient. We no longer need deliveries of bottled water - a significant savings!read more
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