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Aqua Chill water purifiers feature advanced 6-stage purification process and even provide you with a digital advance alert system that reminds you before the GermKill Kit™ expires. These purifiers use RO and UV technology to make water potable for you. A complete package for absolute health assurance.


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For Home

Reduce your Recycling

For Home

Great to cook with Too!

For Home

Never Run Out of Bottle Quality Water At Home For As Little As $1 A Day.

For Home

Easily Fits Under you Sink..

For Home

Perfect for Family Households

For Home

Easily Store Water for Emergency

For Home

No Need to Buy Cases Every Week

25% Off for New Customer








For Office

Never Run Out Of Bottle Quality Water At Your Office For As Little As $1 A Day

For Office

Stop Wasting Space To Store Those 42lb Bottles.

For Office

No More Heavy Lifting And Spilling.

For Office

Less Touching and More Sanitary Than Bottled Water Coolers.

For Office

Fewer Vendor visit for Highly Secure Facilities


Alkaline Water

PH 8+

For your Home OR Office



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For Home & Office

For Home Consumer

Depending on your home design, we can install in a kitchen, basement, laundry room or mud room. Every home is different so we will schedule a site visit in advance to evaluate your space and present the best options for you.

The average time for installation is 2hrs and we are masked and gloved.

For Office Consumer

Depending on your office needs, we can install a water cooler anywhere in your office like a breakroom, reception area, hallway, kitchen, conference room, etc. The Filter is installed under a sink and a 1/4″ flex tube is run behind the walls to the cooler. The distance between the filter and cooler can be a couple feet to a few thousand feet if necessary.

The average time for installation is 2 – 4hrs and we are masked and gloved.


For Home & Office

For Home Consumer

Our filters are industrial rated for a 2+ year lifespan. Still, we schedule service every 9 months automatically. Service includes filter replacement, cooler maintenance, water testing, system safety checks & equipment replacement, if necessary. With every visit, a service card is filled out and kept with the filter, as well as a cloud based service report.
When your service month populates, we will email you a scheduling link so you may pick a date and time that works best for you. In these current times, we are masked and gloved.

For Office Consumer

Our filters are industrial rated for a 2+ year lifespan. Still, we schedule service every 9 months automatically. Service includes filter replacement, cooler maintenance, water testing, system safety checks & equipment replacement, if necessary. With every visit, a service card is filled out and kept on the filter, as well as a cloud based service report. Typically we arrive during working hours. However, with new Covid protocols we are calling ahead to notify you of our intended arrival.
In these current times, we are masked and gloved.

What our customers are saying ...

— Gwen Packard

For Home customer since December 2013


“We have been using AquaChill for over 7 years now. My physician recommended drinking purified water and after years of dealing with the hassles of buying and storing bottles, we finally transitioned to AquaChill. We love the convenience, the quality of the water and the service provided by AquaChill. When we moved 5 years ago, we didn’t hesitate to carry over the service into our new home.

Recently, at my office, we realized that our water provider had not scheduled a service and we had to call repeatedly to get the filters changed. I have never had to remind Matt about servicing our home system; he is on top of the maintenance schedule. The technician arrives when scheduled and is always quick, clean and considerate.

I would highly recommend using AquaChill at home. “

— Leslie Long

For Home customer since July 2015

” We truly love our Aquachill water system. The whole family loves the taste, temperature and convenience of the water. In fact, now that several of my children have moved out, they tell me that one of things they miss the most is the Aquachill water! I love it because I’m able to steer my family away from constant use of plastic water bottles and it encourages us all to drink more water. The automatic hot water in the cooler months for tea and soups is an added bonus. The service has been fantastic and I always enjoy catching up with Matt when he comes to service! All of the techs seem great and very responsive. “

— John Tobak

For Home customer since February 2014

” Aqua Chill water tastes like pure H2O. I drink it all day long, both at work and at home. I’ve had guests at my house tell me that it’s the best water that they’ve ever tasted. Matt has been great. I always enjoy talking to him during his maintenance visits.

— Derek Fine DMD

For Home customer since October 2014

Dentist Denville NJ – Aesthetic Family Dentistry

“I found Matthew from Aqua Chill when I was looking to install Ro water in my home 6 years ago. He is very knowledgable and personable. I was so pleased with his service that I installed an RO cooler in my office as well. His team is professional and friendly. I have recommended Aqua Chill to many friends and family that are equally as pleased. And did I mention how delicious the water is!”

— John Eckenrode

For Home customer since July 2011

“I have been a customer of AquaChill for many years. We have well water which is always concerning. It just got too much to carry 5 gallon jugs to our old cooler. We had AquaChill services where I was employed. Matt was kind enough to install the system in my home. No more water jugs! No more mess! Matt installed the system in the basement and ran the water line into the kitchen right where our old water cooler used to be. The AquaChill water cooler looks so much nicer. There is no big 5 gallon water jug on top. My family can get cold water and hot water for all our cooking needs. It is the only water we use to drink or cook with. Matt’s customer service is superb. Matt comes and changes the filter and cleans the water cooler. Once when our water cooler stopped functioning, he had a new one to us within a few days. I can highly recommend the AquaChill Company for their products and service. “

— Glenn Corrigan

Pres. Hans’ Kitchens & Baths

For Home customer since Mar 2012

“I’ve been using Aqua Chill’s services for just over 8 years at both my office and our home. We were tired of storing, loading and looking at 5 gallon bottles of water and the occasional leaks from unseen cracks in the plastic bottles.

Matt was able to design and install 2 different applications for my office and home. Both have worked flawlessly for all these years. We are on a 6 month service plan that insures quality water.

I highly recommend Aqua Chill as a qualifies and reputable service provider. “

— Jenny Sora

For Home customer since June 2020

“We moved to Bloomfield a couple of years ago and decided to get a water filter because Bloomfield does not have the best water. We went with a company called Aquasana. Though the system is good, there is no support (not even for the install). We spent $1000’s of dollars with plumbers on the installation and then trying to fix continuous issues. So we decided to try Aquachill.

Not only was it installed perfectly, the water pressure is amazing, the installer was knowledgeable and trained on what to do, and the whole system is just better quality. It’s also reassuring knowing there is someone to call should any problems arise. “

(646) 279-3401

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