Test Your Tap Water

Many consumers should test their wells or municipal water for contaminants and impurities. Without having your water tested, it can be difficult to know how contaminated your drinking water may be. Here we will do free testing of your water and determine the best water filtration system for you. 

Aqua Chill New Jersey’s customer service team is committed to making water testing simple, fast and accurate. We are driven by test kit results to provide the best possible service. Let’s get started!

Benefits of our Water Testing:

✅  Looking to keep your water clean and free of contaminants? Then this is the screening method for you! Super simple, accurate and FREE!, it’s a great way to make sure your water is up to state standards.

✅ We not only test for Lead and Copper, but also for Nitrates, Hard Water & other crucial water quality parameters. Having unbalanced levels of Chlorine, Hardness, pH, Alkalinity, Nitrate or Nitrite can indicate serious issues.

You can get your results quickly and easily – whether it’s from a tap, well, municipal, or spring. Our technical team will go through all the steps to test the water.

✅  Hundreds of dollars saved on lab tests – Let’s be honest, most of us don’t test every 6 months as recommended. However, testing separately for every element at a laboratory would be very expensive. Our free water testing service makes it possible to find out if what’s in your water exceeds state safety limits. 

How it works

There are easy ways to perform tests that offer quick results and are very low-tech in their version compared to the others.

    • Use of test strips. These strips change color to show the concentration of the chemical present in the water.
    • Color disk kits can test even a wider range of chemicals that are present in the water.
    • Hand-held digital meters are portable and are used to test Ph balance & Total Dissolved Solids

How the water test process will be done?

1. Visiting your Home or Office

 One of our highly qualified water testing technicians will visit your home or office to collect water samples.

2. Test water with Kits

After the collection of the water sample, the technicians will use the testing kits to find any possible contaminants present.

Test for Contaminants

1) Lead

2) Copper

4) Total Chlorine

5) Nitrate and Nitrite 

6) PH, Alkalinity, Hardness

7) PFOA and PFOS

If you’re not within the recommended limits, you could face some serious illnesses, plumbing problems, and limescale buildup.

Why is it important to test the quality of water?

In the whole world, a majority of the people rely on private water supply. This includes ponds, dugouts and wells. A superior quality of water is crucial to the economic, health, and social well-being of the people. Monitoring the quality of your water and testing it regularly is very important to maintain reliable and safe water sources and eliminate the potential health risks related to water contamination.

It is vital to check the suitability of the water quality before its use. It can be for irrigation, livestock watering, drinking, or spraying. It will also help you in making an informed decision about how to use the water and what should be done about its purity.

How often should I test the water?

A majority of the population use public mains and well water for drinking and domestic purposes. Therefore, it is important to check whether it is free from contaminants.

Standard Drinking Water Checks should be performed at least once every year regardless of the water source. Tap water is usually tested by your local water company for chlorine levels, ph in water and bacteria.

It is advisable to test well water supplies annually even if they are not suspected of any contaminations. There are some types of water issues that can’t be detected without testing.

Well water supplies are usually tested for the presence of fertilizers and pesticides, bacteria, and standard chemicals..

Additionally, if you feel that the water condition has changed: water has become cloudy or a strange odor appeared, it is highly recommended to carry out an unscheduled water test.


Is it safe to drink tap water?

In general, tap water doesn’t pose any major risk to your health. Tap water is known to have fluorides that are beneficial for good oral health. The main concern is that the byproduct of contaminant disinfection doesn’t exceed established norms. Additionally, do you live in an area with aging infrastructure which can elevate contamination like Lead.   

The most common water quality issues include ph and chlorine levels, and high levels of Nitrates and Hard Water. 

Those who are undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, suffering from serious diseases, transplant patients, pregnant women, infants, and children should drink safe water only. Water testing is step one to guaranteeing drinking water safety.


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