Water Filtration System

For as low as $1 a day, Aqua Chill New Jersey Drinking Water Systems will provide your Home and Business a Hot & Cold Water Cooler system that doesn’t use 5-gallon water bottles, but instead Reverse Osmosis Filtration. 


How great! That means no more bottle deliveries, heavy bottles to lift and no more wasted space to store the water bottles. Our service provides unlimited “bottled quality” water, 24/7 with a free installation of any water cooler.

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Reverse Osmosis – Filtration

Our smartest filtration system available: It is the only filtration system to remove particulates down to a .0001 micron size. Removes Lead, Chlorine, PFOA, Chromium, Bacteria and many more accounting for the removal of 95% of all particulates in tap water.

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Alkaline Water – Filtration

Very simply, Aqua Chill adds back vital minerals into our Drinking Water system that not only raises the water’s Ph to 8+, but also supports the body at a cellular level with electrolytes and antioxidants. Specifically, we add magnesium and calcium.

alkaline water

Top Pick

Distilled Water –

Having zero particulates, Distilled water is perfect for use in sterile environments like medical facilities, hospitals and dentist. For certain industries, this type of water can improve the quality and stability manufacturing equipment

distilled water filter

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Learn more about these additional Drinking Water Filtration products and accessories below, or get started with a free water test to find out which drinking water solution is right for you.

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