hot and cold bottleless water cooler

The AQUABEVE Inspirations Refresh is the perfect way to access clean, deliciously hot, cold and cooking water at your fingertips. Featuring traditional Tomlinson style faucets and a sleek modern design, this filtration cooler comes in black or white for versatile styling options. With robust reliability and simple operation, you can trust the Inspirations Refresh to provide refreshingly pure water whenever needed.

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Efficiency evaluated and rated by Energy Star
  • Superior performance in cooling and heating systems
  • Reliable and durable

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Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced copper thickness in all areas for durability and dependability. Improved silicate fiber hot tank insulation to guarantee increased safety and capability. High performance refrigeration and heating system for the best output possible.
  • Raising the height of the dispenser for straightforward access. Tomlinson design spigots are dependable when furnishing hot or cold water.
  • This hot tank has been rated highly by Energy Star for dependable use. Its efficient features make it the perfect choice for top performance.
  • The two-piece removable drip tray is effortless to keep sparkling clean.
  • Having a cup dispenser can really make life easier!


High output refrigeration
and heating

Easy cleaning and maintenance



What size is the Aquabeve Inspiration Water Cooler

The Aquabeve Inspiration Water Cooler has a height of 1090mm (machine height only does not include bottle height), a depth of 350mm, and a width of 315mm. It has a weight of 13.615kg.

What are the features of the Aquabeve Inspiration Filtration Cooler?

The Aquabeve Inspiration Bottleless comes with thermometer icon to represent temperature control, high output refrigeration and heating, easy cleaning and maintenance, energy star rated efficiency, reliable and durable features.

What kind of water can be dispensed from the Aquabeve Inspiration Cooler?

The Aquabeve Inspiration Bottleless can dispense hot, cold or cook water without the need for connection to mains water.

Is there an optional cup dispenser available?

Yes, an optional cup dispenser is available for added convenience.