PFAS also known as “forever chemicals” are a family of chemicals in the thousands used in products from nonstick cookware to firefighting foam.

While the EPA and many other states do not currently have a limit for PFOA or PFAS, in 2021 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) lowered the allowable limit for PFAS in tap water from 40 parts per trillion to now 14 parts per trillion (ppt).

Currently, there are 8 community water systems serving more than 55,000 New Jerseyans that are in violation of NJ drinking water PFOA standards.

Drinking high levels of PFOA’s can lead to adverse health effects.


# 1: Cancer

      • PFOAs have been associated with higher incidences of kidney & testicular cancers.

# 2: Immunity

      • May suppress immune function
      • Lower Covid 19 vaccine effectiveness
      • Greater risk of autoimmune diseases.

# 3: Before Birth or Early Childhood

      • Decreased Birth Weight
      • Decreased Immune Responses
      • Hormonal Effects Later In Life.
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