Avalon A8

bottleless countertop water cooler

Introducing our state-of-the-art water cooler dispenser, designed to revolutionize your hydration experience. With our innovative features and advanced technology, staying refreshed and hydrated has never been easier.

  • Enjoy the convenience of both hot and cold water
  • We provide the first set of filters and a comprehensive installation kit
  • Our water cooler dispenser is UL Listed and Energy Star Approved
  • Our water cooler dispenser is a patented product

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Touchless – Bottleless
Safest Water Solution

  • Cross-contamination is completely avoided.
  • The dispenser is operated using a push paddle, ensuring only your cup comes into contact.
  • Self-cleaning mechanisms effectively eliminate any bacteria.
  • We do not rely on outside vendors for deliveries.
Are you fed up with uninspiring, impure tap water? Don’t put up with it anymore – it’s time to fall in love with water once more. The Avalon A8 bottleless countertop water cooler provides a stimulating refreshment that is guaranteed by our exclusive dual filtration system. Treat your tastebuds to cooling sips of icy H2O or relax and unwind in the warm embrace of a mugful of steaming hot water. Guess what? All this is just a touch away, at the simple pad-down pressure of one paddle. Experience the perfection of drinking water that comes from an Avalon countertop cooler.
avalon a7 water cooler for home and under sink

NSF Certified Filtration 
We meet strict standards for public health protection

Energy Star Approved Saves the environment and your wallet

UL Listed
We design & manufacture with your
safety in mind

Touchless Press Paddles Our innovative touchless press paddles assure no cross contamination between users in the hot and cold spouts.
Double stage Filtration Experience maximum serenity by doubling your filtration system.
Worry-Free Cleaning An ozone feature that performs its own sanitation for more extended water purification.
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About this item

INSTALLATION KIT: This full kit contains 20′ of 1/4″ tubing, a 3 way plastic 1/4″ push connect adapter, an under sink 3/8″ adapter with a shut off valve, a filter flushing adapter, in addition to instructions and illustrations for clarity.

DUAL FILTRATION: An exclusive Dual filtering system equipped with the water cooler contains a Sediment filter (Avalon A5FILTER) and a Carbon Block filter (Avalon A4FILTER). These filters are designed to be changed after six months or around 1500 gallons.

BOTTLELESS: Our water cooler doesn’t require the use of bottles, saving you money by negating the need for constant replacement. We have a dual filtration system of sediment and carbon block filters to deliver clean drinking water.

HOT & COLD WATER SPOUTS: Our water cooler dispenser is perfect for helping you beat the heat or quickly warm up with its choice of Crisp Cold and Piping Hot Output. Take your pick of invigorating refreshments and tantalizing hot drinks!

CHILD SAFE: Our water cooler is not only certified according to UL/Energy Star standards, but also has a child-proof lock on the hot water spout for ultimate peace of mind! No need to worry about kids getting scalded by accidentally touching the hot tap.
SELF CLEANING FEATURE: The self-cleaning capacity of this dispenser eliminates bacteria and other contaminants, ensuring your protection.
LIGHT THE WAY: The nightlight within our product makes it possible to clearly make out the spouts in the dark and an indicator that will alert you when a new filter needs to be put in.

Technical Details

quick and easy installation

no technician required – install with easy–to–follow steps

installation method 1: under your sink

installation method 2: fridge/ice maker

Avalon A8 FAQ’s

Is it possible for me to install the A8 bottleless cooler on my own?

Setting up the water cooler requires only minimal steps, so that you will be able to savor the finest tasting water you have ever tasted within a short timeframe.

How noisy is the water cooler?

The Avalon A8 countertop water dispenser runs silently. Whilst refilling its stainless steel water tanks, or while heating and cooling the liquid, a low noise level may be audible, but is nevertheless so quiet that it likely won’t be noticed.

Do these water dispensers contain BPA?

Absolutely! All of Avalon’s water coolers and dispensers have no BPA in them.

Do you have technicians that can come out to install the dispenser?

Our service technicians are available to help you with your countertop water cooler. Additionally, our customer support staff would be delighted to answer any queries in any way needed. We are excited to help you. You can reach us by phone at (646) 279-3401 or through email at mgilmore@aquachill.com.

Does this water cooler require a drain?

No need to attach a drain to the water dispenser; it has a drip tray to take care of any overflow.

How long do the bottleless countertop water dispensers last?

At Avalon Water Coolers, we take pride in our top-notch manufacturing methods. Using only the highest quality components, our countertop machines are usually reliable for 6-8 years.