Aqua Chill’s Long Reach Air Gap Faucet is great for any office or home that is looking for a simple delivery mechanism right at their sink. It’s slim features and sophisticated design is a perfect addition when there is not much floor or counter space for a cooler


• It is the only filtration system to remove particulates down to a .0001 micron size.
• Removes Lead, Chlorine, PFAO, Chromium, Bacteria and many more accounting for the removal of 95% of all particulates in tap water.
• We use a 3 stage process with additional stages available upon request.
• Reverse Osmosis requires access to a water and drain source.

Stage 1 Sediment filter: -removes dirt and heavy solids

Stage 2 Carbon filter: -removes chemicals like Chlorine

Stage 3 Thin Film Composite Membrane: – removes microscopics like bacteria