Genesis 2 Premier Water Softener

Our Exlusive Genesis Upflow On Demand metered digital softener sets a benchmark in performance while providing enhanced features for simple and speedy implementation. You can save up to 75% on salt, and 64% on water, with a service flow rate of 9 GPM @15 psi drop and 1.0 gpm regeneration type meter initiated electrical power requirements.

Fleck 9100 SXT On Demand Water Softener

A family of four can benefit from a tremendous savings of 6,480 lbs. of salt and 28,900 gallons of water compared to using downflow water softeners.

Selective recharge helps conserve up to 64% water compared to conventional softening systems. Soft water brine refill keeps your brine tank cleaner and control head running smoother.

Utilizing cutting-edge intelligent digital regulation, bringing can be precisely adjusted to your water source, possibly reducing salt utilization by up to 45%.

A hard-wearing ceramic disc with 30 years of success has been incorporated into this design. Eliminating any possibility of a damaged seal.

This 1.25″ valve features advanced electronic sensors, adjustable cycles, and reliable ceramic disc construction. It’s the only one available to buy online.

Upflow vs. Downflow


  • Upflow restoration allows for a more accurate replenishment of the resin, thus permitting the system to recharge only drained resin.


  • Upflow regeneration moves hardness away from the resin to the outflow rather than downflow that forces contaminated water through the uncontaminated charged resin.


High Flow
Introducing the Genesis 2 1.25″ High Flow Internal Flow control valve with a ceramic disc resin design advantage. Unparalleled protection against ruined or fraying seals.
Highest Durability

Constructed from sturdy 10% Crosslink Resin, the product offers durability and capacity, manufactured in either the USA or Canada.

Metered Recharge

Metered recharging guarantees a steady supply of soft water, especially during times when usage is high.

Easy Install

The system arrives ready to install, with the required resin pre-filled up to a maximum of 48,000 grain sizes.

Reverse Flow

Reverse Flow Regeneration technique safeguards the previously untapped softening bed from undergoing redundant regeneration, thereby conserving salt.

Upflow Brine

Upflow Brining is a system which identifies the exact quantity of salt brine needed for regeneration, thereby allowing you to save up to 30% more salt.

Automatic Refresh

An Automatic System Refresh is designed to expel stagnant water after a period of seven days without use, in order to avert bacterial growth.

Automatic Backwash

Optimally generate a preset backwash function for pure city water, which corresponds to the level of purification required and can lead to savings of up to 2000 gallons each year.

Water Cleaner

Soft Water Brine Tank Refill provides a pristine cleaning service to the brine tank and its injectors.

High Efficiency Protocol (HEP)

The Genesis 2 water softener is equipped with High Efficiency Protocol (HEP) technology which helps reduce salt and water usage while still providing top-notch softening performance. With HEP, you can easily maximize your water usage without compromising on quality.

Advanced Digital Control (ADC)

The Genesis 2 comes with an Advanced Digital Control (ADC) feature that allows for precise operation settings, giving you the ability to customize your own water softening parameters. The ADC also allows for easy monitoring of water usage and ensures that no water goes to waste.

Mytime Control

The Mytime Control feature accurately monitors and displays water consumption. This feature allows you to conveniently set operation times and optimize softening performance.


The Genesis 2 Premier Upflow High Efficiency 1.25 Water Softener is a must-have for those looking for superior water softening solutions. With its advanced features, you can rest assured that your family will have access to clean and safe water at all times, while still being able to maximize water and salt usage.