Uses of Distilled Water

Medical & Dental Uses

Having zero particulates, Distilled water is perfect for use in sterile environments like medical facilities, hospitals and dentist offices.

Medical Equipment: Distilled water is imperative for medical equipment to work correctly. There will be no residue or mineral buildup with distilled water, which could damage the machines or cause health issues with patients. Distilled water ensures the safety and long term use in these sterile environments.

Pre-Surgery Scrubbing: Considering the safety of a patient prior to surgery, all surgeons will scrub and wash their hands to be free of germs and bacteria. Using tap water still runs a risk of contaminants harmful to the patient so it’s recommended Surgeons scrub with Distilled water to prevent bacteria from getting under the skin.

Cuts or Gashes: Using distilled water will prevent further infection or bacteria growth.

Dentistry: Dentists not only rely on distilled water for cleaning out bacteria from their patient’s mouth, but also sterilize their tools with machines that can only use distilled water.


Experiments require a level of precision and exactness to prove their theories. When water is involved, labs will used distilled water to make sure contaminants and minerals don’t negatively impact the outcome of the experiment.


CPAP machines are used at night by people with issues of sleep apnea which is a disorder where one stops breathing when asleep. This disorder leads to sleepless nights, so the machine was invented to assist people with breathing. The machine pressurizes air, so when a patient sleeps the machines keep their airway open preventing the loss of breath. A key component to the machine is adding moisture to the air which requires the use of water. Distilled water is required to prevent the growth of bacteria and minerals building up in the machine.


The advantage of using a Humidifier is to add moisture to a room or home, especially in areas with cold winters or for those who have allergy issues. By adding moisture to a room, it reduces dry skin, helps keep sinuses clear and even assists those who snore. If you don’t use distilled water, you run a higher risk of shortening the life span of the machine through the buildup of minerals and bacteria.


For some, growing and preserving foods is a great way to ensure long term health, while extending the longevity of that food. When canning, you must use water. If you don’t use distilled water, your food could look cloudy and even spoil. However, with distilled water, your fruit and vegetables retain their vibrant color, flavor, and nutritional value.


For those that find peace and comfort having a fish tank in their home or office know the work it takes to keep a tank clean and the fish alive. Water needs to be clear of any impurities, bacteria and toxins, thus distilled water is the most recommended water to use.


If you have been ironing clothes and discover mineral build up on the iron or find dirt specs transferring from the iron to your clothes, then you have discovered why you should use distilled water instead of tap. Distilled water will prevent mineral corrosion inside you iron.


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why distilled filtration is important?


Distilled water is water that has been stripped of contaminants improving the quality of water so it is pure H2O. For certain industries, this type of water can extend the life of manufacturing equipment and improve the quality and stability of certain cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food production because it is free from any mineral or chemical contaminants.

are distilled water filtration dangerous for health?


Distilled water is safe to drink, but it tastes somewhat flat or bland because it’s been stripped of important minerals like calcium, sodium, and magnesium that give tap water its familiar flavor. Health experts will argue against drinking Distilled water because it’s void of electrolytes and minerals needed to optimize your body.

what is better distilled or reverse osmosis water?


This is subjective to the user, but we recommend Reverse Osmosis for consumption and Distilled water for use in commercial applications that involve equipment and manufacturing.  

How often distilled water filtration need servicing

👉 When making distilled water from an ionizing filter, it should be replaced at least once a year.  

Where can get distilled water filtration system?

👉Aqua Chill Leases systems that produce Distilled water. Call Matt for more info.