Oasis Atlantis

hot and cold bottleless water cooler

The Oasis Atlantis Hot and Cold water dispenser is designed to fit seamlessly into most homes and offices with its classic, rounded front and contemporary design. Built with a durable polyethylene cabinet that won’t rust or dent, it is available in bright white and sleek black colors. Enjoy refreshingly cold water for drinks, or steamy hot water for soups and cocoa.

  • A double float system is implemented to stop overfilling.
  • A handle on the back facilitates convenient carrying and installation.
  • It is built with a thermostat to regulate the cold water temperature.
  • The 500-watt heating element reduce the amount of time and service costs

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Features and Benefits

  • Say goodbye to expensive bottle delivery and hello to easy access to hot and cold water in both homes and workplaces.
  • A gripping handle at the back of the device enables for easy relocation and installation.
  • This device has an effortless drip tray that is large, strong and removable, plus it is also dishwasher safe.
  • Maintaining or changing the dual-piece hot water tank is simple, ensuring that the soldered refrigeration connections remain undamaged.
  • This cooler can perfectly fit into any home or office atmosphere, with either light white or stylish black options.
  • This cooler has a long-lasting, dent and scratch-resistant polyethylene cabinet.


Stainless Steel Reservoir
and Hot Tank
Child Safety Faucet
Commercial Grade
Water Dispensers



What size is the Aquabeve Inspiration Water Cooler

The Aquabeve Inspiration Water Cooler has a height of 1090mm (machine height only does not include bottle height), a depth of 350mm, and a width of 315mm. It has a weight of 13.615kg.

What are the features of the Aquabeve Inspiration Filtration Cooler?

The Aquabeve Inspiration Bottleless comes with thermometer icon to represent temperature control, high output refrigeration and heating, easy cleaning and maintenance, energy star rated efficiency, reliable and durable features.

What kind of water can be dispensed from the Aquabeve Inspiration Cooler?

The Aquabeve Inspiration Bottleless can dispense hot, cold or cook water without the need for connection to mains water.

Is there an optional cup dispenser available?

Yes, an optional cup dispenser is available for added convenience.