Carbon filters and Reverse Osmosis systems.

Which is the Best Water Filter for Your Home?

Clean and fresh water is everyone’s necessity. Even the simplest of items are expensive now, including clean water. With so many problems going on in the city of New Jersey, it is best to choose our water systems wisely.

At, we provide the best quality water filter systems that are dependable in every way. Water is needed in every house and workplace now. Both places are covered with the best filter systems, known as 498 carbon filtration and reverse osmosis

Let us tell you more about these filters!


Carbon filters have two types- granular and block. 498 carbon filter is a granular filter with a high surface because of the broken carbon. They help water to pass through them and purify them. 

The size and amount of carbon in the filter also matter. The larger the filter, the more contaminants it will stop. Once the filter holes are filled, they are ready to be changed. 


Our water supply consists of the best filter systems in the area. We have multiple types of filtration systems, and one of them is 498 carbon filtration. The carbon filtration system allows the filter to eliminate all unnecessary particles, including bacteria, lead, PFAS, and other harmful chemicals. 

Normal tap water is not safe for anyone in New Jersey now. That’s why drinking clean and healthy water, 498 carbon fiter  is the best choice in our homes. 


The 498 carbon filter is made of crushed carbon particles compressed into sheets with holes that allow the water to cross through. It is set to cross through those holes every time the tap turns on to purify the water. These carbon sheets last up to 6-12 months. Once the holes get filled with dirt, it’s time to change the filters.

We provide free filter change services for monthly plans and specific plans for lifetime water filter supply. Make sure you call our service providers every nine months before your filter goes bad.

Our 498 carbon filtration system consists of 2 main stages:


This filter stage can remove all kinds of dirt and heavy solids from the water. It helps clean out water from everything seen or felt in the water. 


The second stage consists of a carbon-based cleaning system that helps eliminate all unseen particles in the water. Bacteria, lead, PFAS, PFOA, chlorine, chromium and all other minor unnecessities are removed from water through a carbon filter. 

The 498 carbon filters are set within the range of all water supplies like taps and coolers to work properly. The filter makes sure to clean out every bit of harmful particles for drinking purposes. 498 carbon filters are easy to install and usable filters that can be used in homes and offices casually. 


A filter that has granular activated carbon (GAC) is a sure choice to get rid of certain chemicals from water. These carbon filters also help eliminate disturbing odors or tastes in water, such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs odor) and chlorine.

Other chemicals like iron and nitrate are not very attracted to carbon, so they stay in the water. This is where the Reverse Osmosis Filter comes to help. The RO filters can also remove certain chemicals for complete water purification. 

The carbon filter  uses is the kind 498, which is tested and proven for its best cleaning qualities in clean water. 

The 498 carbon filtration system can be called one of the best water cleaning systems in the water industry. We provide quality water filters and bottle-less water coolers fixed with the best 498 carbon filtration systems. The stages of this filter allow the water to turn normal tap water into 99% clean and far away from any minor particles. 

The first stage removes every solid, seen particle like dust in the water. The second stage handles the minor particles up to .0001 and all the chemicals and bacteria. 


The 498 carbon filtration system gives 100% peace of mind regarding clean drinking water. When the filter system is installed, it works with the whole house water supply and cleans every tap water. Furthermore, the water coolers give perfectly clean water to drink and fresh water for other purposes. 

The carbon filter will go a long way with your water supply. You might get two years with it, but we recommend getting it checked every nine months. The 498 carbon filter is known to be the best kind to purify the water throughout usage. 

Filters in-home greatly benefit from spending less on water bottles from markets. Just carry a reusable water bottle, fill it with home-based fitered water, and you are good to go! 

What’s more? The more you spend less on bottles, the more benefit you will give your earth by not throwing away plastic bottles. Do you get filtered water in taps, clean water to drink and still be able to save the environment? It’s a win-win situation!

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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

The 498 carbon filtration system is one of our best filter system options. Another filter system that we are most proud of is the Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. Along with the perfectly working 498 carbon filtration, the reverse osmosis filter also works its best in removing harmful bacteria from water. 

The RO filters do the hard job for our water supply. If you want something stronger in your workplace or home for health and safety purposes, get your hands on our Reverse Osmosis Filtration System anytime

There are at least 1-3 carbon block filters in any RO filter system to help purify water completely. The Reverse Osmosis Filters can do triple work compared to a stand-alone carbon filter. 

The reverse osmosis filtration system can eliminate every unneeded component in water, converting it into the best quality water. The filtration system is our pride and joy as it cleans every particle up to .0001 micron size. With the satisfaction, you can easily use tap and cooler water anytime and anywhere. 

You can be worry-free and happy with a reverse osmosis filter and a 498 carbon filter in your home. Get your hands on our best filters today!


The home-based water filtration system can make a big difference in your house, office and apartments, whether you are using it for drinking or other reasons. However, choosing the one for your house is not easy, right?

Once you search ‘water filter’ or ‘reverse osmosis system’ on Google, you will see hundreds of different results. Whole house units, point-of-use filters, 1-8 stages and many more. But overall, in the choice of softeners, you will come across two main filter types, Carbon Filters and Reverse osmosis.

Carbon filters are usually simple systems that do a good job catching impurities and bacteria n water. However, reverse osmosis does a harder job. It’s capable of not only just cleaning but getting rid of heavy, toxic metals as well. Both filter systems are great for home usage but ensure that not every system works the same for everyone.


Whether you choose the 498 carbon filtration system or reverse osmosis system, we guarantee perfect cleaning and new water supply service. Both filters perform best, so whatever your water needs are, we are here to fulfill them.

For lighter and normal water use, you can choose 498 carbon filters for drinking in small homes, offices, studios or backyard businesses. Reverse osmosis does the heavy-duty job for all the sterile environments like big houses, hospitals, clinics, big businesses and every other medical building. 

So what are you waiting for? Click on the link to get the best services of water filters, coolers and clean tap water services around all of New Jersey!

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