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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Reverse Osmosis remove from water?

our tap water has many different particulates in it ranging from minerals, metals, dirt, chemicals and organics. If you are using municipal water, it is regularly tested against the EPA standards to confirm all particulate matter is within the safety limits established by the EPA. When using Reverse Osmosis, that tap water is flushed and cleaned to a level where over 90% of the preexisting particulate matter is removed. The CDC recommends Reverse Osmosis if you have contaminated water as it is the only water filtration system that removes major elements like Lead, Chlorine, Bacteria, Chromium-6 and PFOA to cite a few.

Does the Reverse Osmosis filter require electricity?

No, the filter system is powered by water pressure. As long as water is flowing into your home or office, the RO system will continue to operate.

How frequently do you perform service?

When you become an Aqua Chill client, you are entered into our database that triggers a service call ticket every 9 months. The Aqua Chill techs will show up during working hours at your office or call ahead to schedule your free service.

Is Alkaline water better for you?

Drinking Alkaline water is a simple supplement for those passionate about personal health and wellness. Everything you eat and drink has a Ph that is either acidic, neutral or alkaline. The Standard American Diet that is high in saturated fats, sugar, carbs, dairy and meat are in the Acidic Ph range. Foods that are more plant based like fruits and vegetables fall into the Alkaline range. Science has shown a person who’s body has a high alkalinity has fewer health issues in comparison to a body that is highly acidic. To support that lifestyle, more people are also choosing to also drink water with an alkalinity of Ph 8+. Our process of creating Alkaline water is by simply adding Calcium and Magnesium back into our Reverse Osmosis water.

Do you test the water?

We perform a TDS reading on both the tap water and water from the Reverse Osmosis filter. TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids. The meter counts the particulates in the water on a Parts Per Million basis giving us an idea as to how much dirt, metals, chemicals, biologics and more are in the water. We test both tap water & our Reverse Osmosis water looking to confirm over 90% of the tap water particulates are effectively being removed by the Reverse Osmosis filter. Unfortunately, the test is numerical based so we cannot identify the specific elements in the water.