In your household or office, are you responsible for hiring vendors and 3rd party companies to work for you? Services for your home or office such as contractors like plumbers & electricians, landscapers and/or janitorial management? Well Aqua Chill New Jersey is a drinking water service that many homeowners and businesses alike hire to install and maintain drinking water systems. Like the services you already employ, Aqua Chill Drinking Water systems is equally reliable and dependable to oversee your drinking water. Using only Reverse Osmosis, we manufacture the safest, cleanest drinking water that is superior in quality and taste to Bottled Water. Our water is made on site where you live or work eliminating the need for delivery, storage, heavy lifting and endless recycling. Depending on your needs, we put that water in either a water cooler that heats and chills the water or a simple spigot at your sink that is a dedicated source for clean drinking water.

Beginning in the 1980’s, Aqua Chill Drinking Water Systems was one of the first Point-Of-Use companies to use Filter Water Technology in a commercial capacity. The combination of providing clean, safe drinking water without the bottle delivery system made sense to homeowners and office managers. Additionally, Aqua Chill is 30% – 50% more affordable. In 2007, Aqua Chill New Jersey opened an office and has been servicing the State of New Jersey ever since. As a local business owner, I prioritize my customers needs and strive to be responsive and communicative with everyone we work with.

The filter technology available for water is varied. Aqua Chill Drinking Water systems specializes in using Reverse Osmosis filtration which is often rated as the best technology to manufacture drinking water. In fact, all Bottled water companies rely on Reverse Osmosis filtration to clean the water they bottle, including companies that source from Spring Water. The Reverse Osmosis technology is the most advanced because it’s able to remove particulates that are as small as .0001 micron in size. As an example, Bacteria ranges in size from 1-10 micron and Lead ranges from .1 – .7 microns. Many of the concerns with public water are the particulates that pass through to our faucets and when you have Reverse Osmosis those issues are eliminated.

Aqua Chill new jersy drinking water system

Additionally, we offer customers the option of Distilled Water and Alkaline Water should they want more than just drinking water. Distilled Water is a product we also call Machine Water. Many Manufacturers, Dentists and C-Pap machines rely on Distilled Water to operate properly. Distilled Water technically is water that has Zero Particulates. Reverse Osmosis retains trace amounts of particulates, but Distilled Water has none, which is why machines that require water to run properly request Distilled Water. When there are zero particulates, mineral buildup is eliminated prolonging the life and effectiveness of the machine. As for Alkaline Water, this specialty water is believed to reinforce bodily health. The belief is that the body is healthier when it’s Ph is more Alkaline than Acidic. It is suggested that when the body shows a Ph that is more Alkaline, the growth of tumor cells is minimzed vs. when a body is more Acidic, tumor cells grow. Since 2010, the commercial market for Alkaline Water has become a Billion dollar business and customers today seek out Alkaline Water. At Aqua Chill, we offer Alkaline Water by simply adding back into the water Magnesium and Calcium. 2 minerals that are often deficient in one’s diet.

When utilizing a technology like Reverse Osmosis, routine maintenance is imperative for optimal performance. Like an air filter in an HVAC system, Reverse Osmosis filters eventually will clog up from particulates in the water. A base level RO Filter uses 3 filters to properly clean the water – A sediment filter, solid carbon block filter and a Thin Film Composite Membrane. Each filter is designed to remove specific particulates. A Sediment Filter pulls out dirt and heavy metals. Sometimes this filter will look like it’s covered in mud when it’s being replaced for new. A solid carbon block filter removes primarily chemicals like Chlorine. Lastly, we call the Thin Film Composite membrane the heart of Reverse Osmosis as it pumps out the microscopic particulates that are most harmful like bacteria. Our philosophy is to service our customers once a year using a cloud based service program that allows us to track your filter performance and know when you are next due for service.

Aqua Chill New Jersey leases and sells this technology to businesses and homes throughout the state of New Jersey. For as little as $1 per day, you could have unlimited, bottled quality water on demand in your facility. When you lease from us, we include service and installation free of charge. So if you are tired of recycling plastic or running to the store to pick up another case because you ran out of water again or simply want to have one less responsibility to manage for your office or home, consider an Aqua Chill Drinking Water system and discover the ease and convenience of on-demand drinking water.

Aquachill’s Reverse Osmosis Water System and how does it filter purifies water?

Aquachill’s Reverse Osmosis Water System and how does it filter purifies water?Reverse osmosis systems are praised for their effectiveness in filtering water and creating clean, great-tasting water. RO systems have a wide range of applications, from whole-house...

Can you get cancer from tap water?

A new report from the Environmental Working Group warns that carcinogens in tap water can increase cancer risk for thousands of Americans over a lifetime. According to a new study by the Environmental Working Group, the presence of 22 carcinogens in tap water could...
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Pharmaceutical Drugs Found in New Jersey Tap Water

Did you know that more than 131 million Americans, or 66% of adults, take some form of the prescription drug every day? On average, those who use prescriptions take 4 pills, which doesn’t account for over-the-counter meds, vitamins, & other dietary supplements....
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PFA levels in New Jersey drinking water are a threat to local residents

In 2018, NJ became the first state to establish a drinking water standard for PFA’s in local tap water to have a maximum level of 14 parts per trillion. That is an 80% reduction from the current acceptable level of 70 parts per trillion established by the EPA. New...
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PFAS also known as “forever chemicals” are a family of chemicals in the thousands used in products from nonstick cookware to firefighting foam. While the EPA and many other states do not currently have a limit for PFOA or PFAS, in 2021 the New Jersey Department of...
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How do plastic microfibers get into our water supply?

In a recent report, The Guardian found 83% of global tap water tested for “Plastic Fibres.” Of the countries tested, the United States had the highest level of contamination impacting over 94% of America’s water supply.   At Aqua Chill New Jersey, we install Reverse...
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Why a Bottle-less Water Cooler is better than Bottled Water Coolers.

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The Difference Between Distilled and Deionized Water

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Water Clean Up Continues in new jersey

Water Clean Up Continues in new jersey

Water Clean Up Continues in NJ This year, New Jersey has made progress in removing contaminants from the drinking water by upgrading antiquated storm drains in 21 cities. Newark has replaced most of the main lines contaminated with lead dust that serves drinking water...

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Lead in drinking water near new jersey

lead in drinking water People often ask how it’s possible for Lead to get into our drinking water and surprisingly it’s the combination of acidic water and corroding pipes. Lead is invisible, odorless and previously was the primary metal used to make pipes and...

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