Water Clean Up Continues in NJ

This year, county New Jersey has made progress in removing contaminants from the drinking water by upgrading its antiquated storm drains system in 21 cities. Newark has replaced most of the main lead service lines that were contaminated with dust drinking water for thousands of people and sued companies that were found to have leaked chemicals into local water and soil. The advances suggest a growing public awareness of, and support for, renewing the state’s aging water infrastructure following decades of neglect. In 1991, the EPA issued a regulation to control lead and copper in drinking water. This regulation is called the Lead Copper Rule (also known as the LCR). Since 1991, there have been several revisions to the LCR.
Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Problems with high levels of lead in New Jersey drinking water caused the city to distribute water filters to residents last year. But the plan hit this week when the Environmental Protection Agency warned the city’s that drinking water in two of the three houses it tested still had high levels of lead, despite filters.

The EPA advises New Jersey residents to stop drinking tap water and urges the city to provide bottled water (although the solution also poses a problem when the town finds out what is in the water. The expiration date, The best solution is currently using Reverse Osmosis Water Filters, Alkaline Drinking Filter which remove the LEAD and COPPER).

Lead and Copper may cause health problems

Lead and copper enter drinking water mainly through plumbing materials. Exposure to lead and copper can cause health problems, from stomach upset to brain damage. Local water systems are needed to control drinking water at customer taps. Suppose lead concentrations exceed an intervention level of 15 ppb and copper exceeds a level of 1.3 ppm. In that case, the water company must inform the public of the measures it must take to protect their health, and it can be necessary to replace the lead service lines under its control. Aquachill New Jersey provides a FREE LEAD Test. Also, you can visit EPA gov site for furthermore information.
Lead in drinking water near new jersey

Lead in drinking water near new jersey

lead in drinking water The lead in the water is invisible and odorless. It can get into drinking water if the pipes corrode with lead. This happens when the water has a high acid content, which causes corrosion in pipes and fittings. According to AWWA, testing your...

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