I have been a customer of AquaChill for many years. We have well water which is always concerning. It just got too much to carry 5 gallon jugs to our old cooler. We had AquaChill services where I was employed. Matt was kind enough to install the system in my home. No more water jugs! No more mess!
Matt installed the system in the basement and ran the water line into the kitchen right where our old water cooler used to be. The AquaChill water cooler looks so much nicer. There is no big 5 gallon water jug on top. My family can get cold water and hot water for all our cooking needs. It is the only water we use to drink or cook with. Matt’s customer service is superb. Matt comes and changes the filter and cleans the water cooler. Once when our water cooler stopped functioning, he had a new one to us within a few days. I can highly recommend the AquaChill Company for their products and service.