All Praise for Aqua Chill New Jersey and Matt Gilmore!
Rarely do you meet an individual who provides a great product, consistently great service, business savvy and integrity! Matt has serviced my family well, extremely well, for over ten (yes 10!) years! I remember meeting him during one of his commercial client visits and thinking Aqua Chill would be ideal for our home. At that time the huge plastic five-gallon jugs were all the rage but never maintained for cleanliness only replacement bottles. It was a nice idea, but after a while, not really practical. However, my options were limited, until Matt and the Aqua Chill system. He installed, showed me how the system worked, how to troubleshoot if necessary (though never a need) and we have been happy ever since. As a professional who largely works from home, I am not usually comfortable with men in my home and always particular about service appointments. Never, ever an issue with Matt. Pricing is reasonable, billing is online, the unit is attractive and he is knowledgeable of the water filtration process! What more can you ask for? I highly recommend Matt and his team!