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What our customers are saying ...

"We have been using AquaChill for over 7 years now. My physician recommended drinking purified water and after years of dealing with the hassles of buying and storing bottles, we finally transitioned to AquaChill. We love the convenience, the quality of the water and the service provided by AquaChill. When we moved 5 years ago, we didn’t hesitate to carry over the service into our new home.

Recently, at my office, we realized that our water provider had not scheduled a service and we had to call repeatedly to get the filters changed. I have never had to remind Matt about servicing our home system; he is on top of the maintenance schedule. The technician arrives when scheduled and is always quick, clean and considerate.

I would highly recommend using AquaChill at home. "


Gwen Packard
Residential customer since December 2013

What our customers are saying ...

" We truly love our Aquachill water system. The whole family loves the taste, temperature and convenience of the water. In fact, now that several of my children have moved out, they tell me that one of things they miss the most is the Aquachill water! I love it because I'm able to steer my family away from constant use of plastic water bottles and it encourages us all to drink more water. The automatic hot water in the cooler months for tea and soups is an added bonus. The service has been fantastic and I always enjoy catching up with Matt when he comes to service! All of the techs seem great and very responsive. "


Leslie Long
Residential customer since July 2015

What our customers are saying ...

" Aqua Chill water tastes like pure H2O. I drink it all day long, both at work and at home. I've had guests at my house tell me that it's the best water that they've ever tasted. Matt has been great. I always enjoy talking to him during his maintenance visits. "


John Tobak
Residential customer since February 2014

What our customers are saying ...

"I found Matthew from Aqua Chill when I was looking to install Ro water in my home 6 years ago. He is very knowledgable and personable. I was so pleased with his service that I installed an RO cooler in my office as well. His team is professional and friendly. I have recommended Aqua Chill to many friends and family that are equally as pleased. And did I mention how delicious the water is!"


Derek Fine DMD
Residential & Commercial customer since October 2014

What our customers are saying ...

"I have been a customer of AquaChill for many years. We have well water which is always concerning. It just got too much to carry 5 gallon jugs to our old cooler. We had AquaChill services where I was employed. Matt was kind enough to install the system in my home. No more water jugs! No more mess! Matt installed the system in the basement and ran the water line into the kitchen right where our old water cooler used to be. The AquaChill water cooler looks so much nicer. There is no big 5 gallon water jug on top. My family can get cold water and hot water for all our cooking needs. It is the only water we use to drink or cook with. Matt’s customer service is superb. Matt comes and changes the filter and cleans the water cooler. Once when our water cooler stopped functioning, he had a new one to us within a few days. I can highly recommend the AquaChill Company for their products and service. "


John Eckenrode
Residential customer since July 2011

What our customers are saying ...

"I’ve been using Aqua Chill’s services for just over 8 years at both my office and our home. We were tired of storing, loading and looking at 5 gallon bottles of water and the occasional leaks from unseen cracks in the plastic bottles.

Matt was able to design and install 2 different applications for my office and home. Both have worked flawlessly for all these years. We are on a 6 month service plan that insures quality water.

I highly recommend Aqua Chill as a qualifies and reputable service provider. "


Glenn Corrigan, Pres.
Hans' Kitchens & Baths
Residential and Commerical customer since Mar 2012

What our customers are saying ...

"We moved to Bloomfield a couple of years ago and decided to get a water filter because Bloomfield does not have the best water. We went with a company called Aquasana. Though the system is good, there is no support (not even for the install). We spent $1000's of dollars with plumbers on the installation and then trying to fix continuous issues. So we decided to try Aquachill.

Not only was it installed perfectly, the water pressure is amazing, the installer was knowledgeable and trained on what to do, and the whole system is just better quality. It’s also reassuring knowing there is someone to call should any problems arise. "


Jenny Sora
Residential customer service since June 2020

What our customers are saying ...

" I have been an Aqua Chill customer for about 6 years and I love the product. I am very happy with the responsiveness of Matt and his eagerness to get the job done. Highly recommend. "


Lisa Lee
Residential customer since May 2014

What our customers are saying ...

"I am thrilled with the opportunity to work with AquaChill. I've used Aquachill for three locations for our company. I also use it at home. We have a total of 5 coolers and been using it for years. I would rate everything about my experience at 5 stars. The techs are reliable and do a wonderful job servicing the coolers. The reason I chose to try Aquachill was because of Matt. He's responsive, reliable, and very personable. I would recommend Matt and the rest of the team at Aquachill to anyone that is looking for clean water with a company that they can trust. "


Todd Lindeblad
Lindeblad Piano, Commercial & Residential  Customer since 2011

What our customers are saying ...

"All Praise for Aqua Chill New Jersey and Matt Gilmore!

Rarely do you meet an individual who provides a great product, consistently great service, business savvy and integrity! Matt has serviced my family well, extremely well, for over ten (yes 10!) years! I remember meeting him during one of his commercial client visits and thinking Aqua Chill would be ideal for our home. At that time the huge plastic five-gallon jugs were all the rage but never maintained for cleanliness only replacement bottles. It was a nice idea, but after a while, not really practical. However, my options were limited, until Matt and the Aqua Chill system. He installed, showed me how the system worked, how to troubleshoot if necessary (though never a need) and we have been happy ever since. As a professional who largely works from home, I am not usually comfortable with men in my home and always particular about service appointments. Never, ever an issue with Matt. Pricing is reasonable, billing is online, the unit is attractive and he is knowledgeable of the water filtration process! What more can you ask for?

I highly recommend Matt and his team! "

Cathy G. West Orange, NJ
Residential Customer since August 2008


What our customers are saying ...

"We have been very happy with the continuous services provided by Aqua Chill for almost 12 years both at our residence in Wayne and office in Fairfield.

They have responded on time with a smile and cordial greetings. Before Aqua Chill, our drinking water need was provided by another spring water company where we had to lift heavy water jars to put in the water cooler. Not anymore. Besides, no need to call any one to replace jars as the drinking filtered water flows through the system all the time. Thank you Matt and your associates for the relief we have been enjoying.

I will not hesitate to recommend your Aqua Chill company to others in similar need. Have a nice day!"


Arun Parikjh
Commercial & Residential  Customer since 2008

What our customers are saying ...

"I love my Aqua chill water filter. It has changed my life. I decided to give it a try after hurting my back picking up a Poland Spring 5 gallon water bottle weighing 42 pounds. My Aqua chill is installed next to my sink so it is super convenient for drinking and cooking. Aqua Chill takes care of maintenance and filters so you dont have to think about it. No more scheduling delivery’s and a garage full of empty bottles. And it is cheaper per month! "


Barbara Rosamilia
Residential customer since Febuary 2019

What our customers are saying ...

"I have had a great experience with Aquachill. I love the convenience of the cooler being attached to the External water supply. I have never had any problems and response to my needs was always prompt. In addition, I believe the service is very affordable. I am currently using Aqua Chill at my medical office. Anyone I’ve ever dealt with from the company has always been very pleasant and easy to deal with. I have recommended Aquachill to friends and I would recommend it to anybody else who has a need for this type of service. "


Claudia Heugel
Commercial customer since November 2013

What our customers are saying ...

"In 2009, we made the decision to move from bottled water to Reverse Osmosis. We vetted several vendors and met with Matt from Acquachill on the final day. The meeting almost did not take place because I was certain we had found our vendor of choice…. Then I met Matt.

Matt’s professionalism, work ethic and passion for the industry were (and still are) unprecedented!!! Eleven years later, we are still very happy with the quality of service, the quality of the product and the customer/maintenance service we receive. AcquaChill now services 100+ locations for us. Thank you Matt!! "


Annie Morales, MBA
Director, OP Business Admin. Ops
Kessler Rehabilitation Center

What our customers are saying ...

"Next Level Performance has been using Aqua Chill since 2010. The cooler (with hot water) has been a welcome addition to our busy office kitchen since day one. The unit has run without problems for all of the ten years it’s been in the office. The employees appreciate having the filtered cold and hot water available at all times. The Aqua Chill techs are all very friendly, knowledgeable and also efficient. They’re in and out of our busy office kitchen with minimal disruption when any service is needed, which is usually just our semi-annual filter change. Matt has been wonderful to work with for the ten years that Aqua Chill has been servicing our company. He’s professional, friendly and responds to our needs almost instantly. I have his personal cell phone number and if he doesn’t pick up when I call, he always returns my call within minutes. "


Robin Elliott, Accounting & HR Manager at Next Level Performance
Commercial customer since February 2010

What our customers are saying ...

" Aqua Chill is a fantastic company that provides really personalized service and quality products. Our office really depends on their products! If there is ever an issue they are really quick to respond. They really spend the time getting to know their customer and their needs. It’s nice to not have to worry about anything! The techs are very friendly and knowledgeable. They make sure to let you know at all times what is going on and what they do. Seriously this is one of the easiest companies I have ever dealt with. Matt is my favorite. I know I can go to him with any questions or concerns and he will address them immediately and with a smile on his face. "


Esty Juncal
Commercial customer since August 2008

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About Aqua Chill New Jersey

Matthew Gilmore

Hi, I’m Matt, owner/operator of Aqua Chill New Jersey. Thanks for checking out my company! In 2007, I set out to provide a simpler water solution for businesses with Next Generation Bottle-less Water Coolers. We purify your water using Reverse Osmosis Filtration manufactured in house using only the highest rated materials. This highly efficient process enables your employees or loved ones to enjoy unlimited volumes of safe, clean drinking water without the added headache of storing/ lifting heavy 5 gallon bottles or running out of water and shopping for more or having to wait for water delivery. My philosophy as a business owner is to minimize your headaches and simplify your life through the use of dependable equipment, consistent service and a quick response time. When we service, you will either see Carlos, Dan or myself. I hope you find the website informative. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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