If you have an automatic icemaker in your refrigerator or an automatic coffee maker, you are already familiar with how we install your Aqua Chill cooler.

  1. We start by finding the nearest cold water source, usually a sink or wash basin.
  2. At the angle stop, we install a top or bottom EZ adapter that allows the sink and the cooler to share the same water source. Once the adapter is hooked up, we connect our  Thin Film Composite Reverse Osmosis (TFCRO) water purification system to the source.
  3. To deliver our product water from the TFCRO to the water cooler, we use a John Guest food grade 1/4 inch water polyethylene tube.  We cut a small hole in the back of the cabinet allowing us to run our tubing inside the wall and to the ceiling. From there it is easy to run the tubing anywhere you would like your bottle-less water cooler to sit, no distance is too far or too great.
  4. Once we get the tubing above the cooler, we run it back inside and down the wall and out a small hole that is covered with a cable plate if applicable.
  5. Finally, we plug in the cooler and turn on the water under the sink. You are ready to enjoy years of bottle quality water and great customer service with Aqua Chill,  New Jersey’s leading Bottle-less water cooler company.

Water cooler installation can vary by unique applications and circumstances.