Going Green

Aqua Chill is a business that takes steps to reduce it’s carbon footprint on this planet.  Our actions involve purchasing products that are non-toxic, reducing our waste, re-using office materials, utilizing the digital medium over paper and being conscious about ways to improve the environment.  As an office, we save over 1,490 trees per year.

Likewise, our green initiative drives our product distribution as we continue to convert bottled water drinkers into bottleless water consumers. We love that our product single handedly eliminates plastic bottles from a business or home environment.  For every bottleless cooler we activate, there are on average 100 fewer 5 gallon bottles of plastic being made annually.  As a corporation, Aqua Chill is proud to promote that we have removed over 2 Million 5 gallon plastic bottles to date.

When you use a traditional water cooler with a plastic bottle on top, you are contributing to 1.5 Million barrels of oil used to manufacture the plastic, 6 Million gallons of fuel to drive the bottles from the plant to their destination and 36 Billion bottles into our landfills annually.

Do you like chemicals harmful to your health in your water? If so, drink bottled water and enjoy the increased consumption of Biphesnol-A or BPA.  Scientists have produced evidence that BPA leaches from the plastic bottles and into the drinking water causing disorders like chromosomal and reproductive system abnormalities, impaired brain and neurological functions, cancer, cardiovascular system damage, adult-onset diabetes, early puberty, obesity and resistance to chemotherapy.

Choosing to use a traditional water cooler is choosing to prolong our environmental problems. Make the switch today to a bottle-less cooler for a cleaner environment tomorrow.

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